Month: January 2014

6 Spring Semester Staples

Turning the Paige

Ceremoniously, the last day of my winter break always seem to be a crazy scramble to repack all of my stuff. (Don’t mention this to my mom. My procrastination drives her up a wall. Hi, mommy!)  Break ends, and it is time for my return to Philadelphia, and subsequently the start of the spring semester. In this mad rush, my number one concern is that I’m going to forget something completely and end up without it at school.

But I will tell you this – there are a few things you will NEVER see me forgetting. Six things actually.  I’ve got some items that are absolutely essential to my success in the spring, so I thought I’d share them with you. Without further ado, I present my 6 Spring Semester Staples – Sophomore Year Edition!

  • MY PLANNER –   Anyone that knows me will tell you that organization is not my strong suit. In high school, I never wrote anything down. As it turns out, you can’t do that in college! Since, my planner has become my lifeblood. My external heartbeat. My one true love. Basically if I didn’t have my planner, I would lose my head. I don’t have a fancy one, although I do often drool over the Lily Pulitzer ones when I see them. I just use a simple Temple planner, but I PACK it full. Here’s an example of a light week:

…..and a heavy one: 

Honestly, this one is a staple ALL year, not just in the Spring, which is why it’s number one on my list.

  • TECHNOLOGY GLOVES – It might be “Spring”, but it’s still cold! Especially here in Philly. One of the biggest mistakes I made my freshman year was leaving my winter hats, gloves and scarves at home when I returned for the second half of the year. Trust me, you’ll still need ‘em. Speaking of fingers, there is no point in wearing gloves if you’re just going to yank them on and off every time you need to use your phone while you’re outside. Save yourself the trouble and grab some technology gloves. Your freezing fingers will thank you.
  • STURDY BOOTS – This one I have learned from experience, unfortunately. Like I said, winter doesn’t end right away. Snow might still be on the ground, depending on where you go to school. In Philly right now, we have NO shortage of snow and sludge. If you don’t have a sturdy pair of boots to stomp around in, you’ll end up with wet feet and less than clean shoes, and no one wants that! Especially not if you have to sit through class with those soak toes. Last year, I only had my rain boots (BRIGHT PINK ones, mind you) to wear when it snowed, or even when the roads were still slushy. This year, I came prepared! For us city students, these sturdy boots are a must have, boys and girls alike. They make walking to and from class SO much easier, and your feet stay happy with you. Plus they’re adorable. Win win. (The boots in the picture are the ones I wear almost daily!)
  • BUBBLE UMBRELLAIn Philly, the winds can be somethin’ else sometimes because of the buildings and the air tunnels they create. They can really get to whipping. So much so that in the rain, in order to keep the rain from getting in your face, you’ve got to duck a bit as you walk. But I think I’ve found the solution. These bubble umbrellas are a savior when it comes to less than perfect weather. I happen to love a good rain storm, so it doesn’t bother me at all, but I do like to stay dry. This umbrella works so well because the wind can’t get underneath and flip the whole thing inside out, a common sight in a city rain shower. No one likes a broken umbrella, plus this one is clear so you can see through it and keep your head high as you walk! A good umbrella, regardless of the one you choose, is KEY. It’s also one of those things people tend to forget when they pack. Take it from me – a good umbrella makes for a good day! And it keeps you dry too. Always a plus. 😉  
  • ID WALLET AND LANYARD – As I was talking to my roommate about this post, she mentioned that keeping her ID and keys together is crucial to not losing her stuff. I have to agree! I am a huge fan of having everything together in a small, compact place. I’m also NOT a fan of carrying too much cash. That’s why this ID wallet is perfect for me. On the outside, it’s got a spot for your ID card – perfect for Temple because we use them to get in and out of buildings. Super easy to access your Owl Card like this! Second, its got enough room in the zipper pocket to keep your debit card, some change or subway tokens, and a little bit of cash. This is exactly what I need! Plus, I keep mine attached to a lanyard that has my key on it. This way everything is together, I can account for all of my belongings, and it fits perfectly into my backpack without being bulky. I’m obsessed with my little pouch wallet, can you tell? This one might be more for the girls, because boys often just carry their wallet. Sorry guys. 
  • WATCH– There’s nothing worse than whipping your phone out in class to check the time. You know how it goes – you mean to look at the clock and lock the screen again, but then you notice all your notifications, and before you know it you’re pulling a face for Snapchat and missing out on the class instruction. Trust me on this one: PHONES ARE DISTRACTING! As fun as they are, they keep you from putting your full attention into work, especially during class time.So wear a watch. They look awesome, and they’re useful. Plus, even if you’ve got your phone attached to your palm, it actually is faster just to glance at your wrist. And did I mention they look awesome? As a bonus, if timeliness is one of your new year’s resolutions, this will help you out for that, also. Boys, watches are cool, I promise.

So that’s that, friends. My long winded list of Six Spring Semester Staples for my new semester here at Temple. What about you? Do you have any “go tos” that you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below! And maybe this list can help you out as you make some new spring choices as well.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading so far! I can’t wait to share more with you in the future.




Slow & Steady || Saturday, January 25th

There is something borderline magical about having nothing to wake up for on Saturday mornings.

Which would explain why neither my roommate nor I woke up until noon today.

By the time we were up, two things were obvious. One, we were starving. And two, it was already snowing! I love seeing the snow in the city. It’s not like at home, where the snow falls on mostly clear ground. The buildings and city lights look beautiful in the show.  Lately, we haven’t had a shortage of it, either. Midday Tuesday and all of Wednesday, Temple was closed because of the snow storm that swept through.

As for the hunger pains, we had a plan. Fortunately we had a gift card to the Fox and Hound in Center City, and even though the weather was a little gross we braved the elements. Who are we kidding. I’d go into a total blizzard for food (read: HAVE gone into a total blizzard for food).

Of course I forgot to take a picture of our food, but of course it was yummy. We stopped for a coffee before we headed back and ended up sitting and people watching for a few hours, which was a  fine way to spend the majority of the afternoon. Sidenote: I tried the new Caramel Flan latte – the commercials are EVERYWHERE. I had to.

It’s days like these that remind me of how lucky I am that we live so close to Center City. It’s so easy to make your own fun when you’ve got such a bustling city in front of you. Every time I’m downtown, I wonder what each person’s story is that I see. Do they live and work here, or are they visiting? Do they love it? Do they hate it? Are they where they want to be? Often I forget that everyone has as much of a back story as I do. Being downtown always reminds me of exactly how much life is happening all around me all the time.

As we were headed home, I couldn’t help but be thankful that we don’t have to check for directions before we leave anymore. After over a year here, it’s definitely second nature. Even just knowing the order of the subway stops is comforting to me, considering I had never even ridden it before college. Being comfortable in the city makes me feel even more like Philly is home, not just a city I sometimes live in.

So all, I hope your Saturday has been just as lovely and relaxing as mine. Enjoy the rest of this snowy weekend, and we’ll chat soon!