Month: February 2014

It Begins: The FIRST Experience Temple Day!

Click to check out the ETD Hashtags here and see what we were up to:


Hello again friends! It’s been almost a full week since our very first Experience Temple Day this semester, and I think I can safely say my feet are STILL recovering. But it was SO worth it; ETD’s are some of the most energetic, exciting, and rewarding days during our admissions year. It is a day when our accepted students can come to campus and get the FULL Temple Experience. Nothing beats it.

Even though the weather threatened to really let loose on us, the day ended up being wonderful! All of the owls were up bright and early. By this picture, you wouldn’t even know we’d been up since the crack of dawn:

IMG952966Just some of my BEAUTIFUL tour guide ladies! 

I have to let you in a secret: I was NERVOUS for ETD this year! That’s mostly due to the fact that I was apart of something super fun this year; the opening dance number. (I know, people back at home, ME? DANCING? It’s true.) The nerves were mostly just jitters, because we were about to get up in front of around 1700 prospective students and parents, and the pressure was definitely on. Once the Rocky Theme started, all of it faded and it was nothing but a blast! I think the crowd enjoyed it, too. Us dancers sure did! I know you’re probably foaming at the mouth to see it, so I’ll help you out (CLICK):



The rest of the day was spent doing tours, checking our the residence halls, exploring campus, attending academic sessions, and plenty of other sessions. I could go on and on about how awesome ETD was. I spoke to so many interested families and students, tons of smiling faces, and even some really amazing alumni who dedicate their time back to to Temple even though they’ve finished their time here. THIS is why I love ETD: Everyone comes together, and it’s all about showing what it truly is like to feel that “Temple Experience”. 

All day, the Owl Ambassadors, Admission staff, and especially the STUDENTS were using the hashtag #ETD2014 to document their day. We even had a “Selfie” competition throughout the day, which I think is amazing.  SOOOO… GO CHECK OUT THE HASHTAGS. Instagram & Twitter both have tons of amazingly sweet tweets and pictures from all sides of the event. They’re so worth viewing. It gives just a small glimpse into the joy and excitement all of us were feeling on ETD! Click the buttons at the top of the post for a direct link to the hashtag streams.

Well, now that I just rambled for a few paragraphs about how much of a great time I had, I suppose I’ll conclude with this. If you’ve been accepted, REGISTER FOR AN ETD!!!!!!!!! We still have two more: March 23rd and April 12th. It is SO worth it to come out and see what Temple has to offer you. Plus, you’ll get to see me dance. And who in the world would pass up that offer?

Talk to you soon!




Why College is the BEST Time to Do Something Else

Happy Wednesday, folks! I hope the first half of your week has been productive, enjoyable and fun! And if it hasn’t been, that’s okay; you’ve still got four days left. 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the big picture. With classes, work and studying, it can seem like nothing else is important besides working full speed toward that important piece of paper: my degree. And it is very important! Not just the degree; the classes you take on your way to graduation teach you valuable skills that are useful in everyday life. 

But beyond all of this micromanagement, I think college is the perfect time to do something ELSE as well. 

As a disclaimer, of course, I don’t mean you should stop caring about your classwork. But I do think that you should remember a very important fact: you will never have as much free time as you do in college. It’s true! Even on your busiest days, you’ll probably still have way more free time outside of school than the average working person does, or even than you did in high school. Sure, you’ve got plenty of “extra” activities. And sometimes, free time is best spent grabbing a much needed power nap. But if you’ve ever had an idea, or dream, or goal, listen up: NOW IS THE TIME! 

Think about all of the things that we use daily that happened as “side projects” during someone’s time in college: Facebook, Insomnia Cookies (!!!!!!), Google, Dell, and Microsoft all were born from the minds of college students. It’s no coincidence. Consider this: pursuing an idea requires time, resources, and creativity. So we’ve established already that college will provide you with the time, if you choose to use it wisely. 

As far as resources go, being in college means having professional tools at your finger tips – and they’re most likely free. For example, if I wanted to record, film and edit a short film – voice overs and all – I have access to the film majors who could help me film, the professional (expensive) applications to create and edit the shots, and the recording studio to finish with voice overs. And I don’t have to pay. Because I’m a student, and these things are here for our use. And that, my friends, is so cool. Even if your dream was to learn to run a marathon, something as simple as having a gym on campus is another resource just sitting at your fingertips. 

Plus, being in college means connections. Be it a professor who is knowledgeable about the business venture you’re looking into, or friends who love to paint and draw to help you with your art dreams, you’re surrounded by people who are willing to help you create as well. 

And creativity is key. If you can dream it, you can do it. As long as you have the drive to pursue it, a little touch of imagination can bring a little seedling of an idea out into reality. Buy a notebook and start planning it. Write down what inspires you. Don’t limit yourself. Throw out what doesn’t work. Stick with what does. Venture out of your comfort zone. Dare to share it with others. 

Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. I mean it! There’s never been a better time! 

Stay super, my friends!