Finding Your Personal Asana

Hi pals! Last weekend, Admissions had our largest and most successful Experience Temple Day in the history of ETDs! Over 3,400 students and family members joined us on campus for a taste of what it is like to be a Temple Owl. Needless to say, every one of the Owl Ambassadors worked hard to make the day a success. We have another ETD approaching quickly: April 14th. One thing we always joke about in the office is the “post-ETD coma” – the recovery period we all inevitably take to let ourselves recharge after a big event.

SIDEBAR: This semester, I’m taking a yoga class. Having something so centering on a regular schedule (twice a week) has given me a really remarkable perspective on how to stay positive and balanced, even when life gets crazy. During a yoga practice, the very last pose is called an Asana – sanskrit for ‘sitting down’. You quite literally just lay down and center your mind. Most often, it is Corpse pose:

Okay, so where am I going with this? I have been doing a lot of personal reflection lately about what the benefits of this yoga pose are, and how they relate to our daily lives. During the Asana, one’s whole goal is twofold:

1. Take time to thank yourself for the time you have spent focusing on doing something positive for your body, mind, and life. 

2. Revitalize and prepare to re-enter your daily routine with a sound mind. 

This is so, so vital to our attitudes! Everyone gets bogged down sometimes. Life is distracting. We have responsibilities, obligations, commitments, wants and needs, and just general stuff we need to do. That is life. But we all deserve time to focus on ourselves and our personal happiness. However, this should not just be a yogi concept. It should be for everyone, all the time.

What I have been really thinking about is how we can all have our own personal Asanas.

For some people, that might mean actually practicing yoga. But for others it could mean something radically different.

Perhaps your Asana is taking time to listen to your favorite song without interruption or haste. It could be treating yourself to a treat at Starbucks and letting yourself savor it without guilt. It could be running outside instead of on the monotonous treadmill. It could be walking down a scenic route to class, even if it takes a few minutes extra. Or, it could be going to bed an hour early to make sure you’re well rested. Anything counts.

I think we all deserve a time to recharge. How will you find an Asana this week? As you go through your daily routine, seek opportunities to say “THANK YOU!” to yourself for doing all that you do.

Let me know how it goes…. and Namaste!





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