Month: November 2014

Owlting: The Ben Franklin Bridge


Around the office, we joke that whenever a bunch of us Owl Ambassadors go out, it’s an “Owl-ting”! I love a good owl pun so this really tickles my fancy.

Some of the best Owl-tings are the unexpected ones. Last weekend, after having a really great weekend with a wildly successful Open House (3,800 attendees! Come visit us!), Billy B, a fellow owl and I wanted to unwind.

We started by getting a late brunch at Morgan’s buffet style dining hall, which I have yet to eat at this year. Not having a meal plan means I usually cook or just grab food on the go, but Billy happens to be my favorite person ever and gave me a meal swipe to join him for unlimited breakfast.

I really love breakfast.


Told you. Look at that face.

As we were chatting, Billy asked me if I wanted to go down to Old City to walk the pedestrian path along the Ben Franklin Bridge. If you aren’t aware, that’s the bridge that connects us directly to New Jersey. I had no idea you could walk along it, and I also sort of hate bridges. Ask any of my friends from home about how I used to put my feet up if we drove over one! Either way, I NEVER say no to a trip to the city, so of course I went!

I feel like these pictures really speak for themselves. I’ve never seen so much of Philadelphia’s skyline all at once… absolutely. insane. I almost teared up actually, because I was just so impressed by seeing all of the city at once. I totally owe Billy, because I had no idea this view was even an option as far as getting to walk the bridge. It’s one of his favorite spots in the city and I’m so happy he let me see it too. 🙂

Because when it boils down to it, I am as much apart of Philadelphia as every building on the skyline and every person on the sidewalks and every car that drove past us while we walked the bridge up and down. That feeling was so rad – after three years of school here, and as I get ready to depart for London in 53 days, nothing was more peaceful than to know that I really do have a home here to come back to.

Sorry about the sap! Please enjoy the photos. I’ve also included a panorama of the view from the Race Street Pier, which sits just next to the bridge itself. We walked to the end, sat and talked, and watched the Duck Tour boat/cars come into the water. I waved to them all – I’m sure those duck tourists absolutely loved it.

Later today is my pre-departure meeting for London Spring 2015! It’s getting so much closer, I can’t believe it. Can’t wait.

Have an amazing Friday, world!

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3 Chilly Weather Tricks — Temple University Style

Holy moly my people, it’s November 2nd. I cannot believe it but it is so true. Today was the fall back version of Daylight Savings — aka I SLEPT LIKE A BABY! There is nothing more valuable in college than anything free. That includes a free hour to sleep. Trust me on that.

So yes, I slept the day away. And when I finally emerged from my humble apartment today, I noticed how bitter cold it felt already. For a moment I was sad because fall is almost gone. But then I remembered how much I LOVE the winter and I got pumped all over again!

Regardless, I realized that here on campus there are a few ways to really keep warm specific to our campus. If you’re like me warmth is all you need some times so I just wanted to drop by with 3 key tips to keeping warm at Temple. Trust me. YOU GOTTA KNOW.

1. Get coffee at a food hut or truck for your chilly commutes.

Sure you could grab some joe from Starbucks or Saxbys, but let it be known — the cheapest coffee on campus (and arguably most bold and delicious) is at the food huts. Why are they so good at the grinds game? I don’t know. But don’t question it. Carry a few dollar bills on you in cash all the time so you can grab a coffee on campus. Not only will your wallet be happy, the coffee will warm your insides as well as your chilly hands! Owl Recommendation: Pretzel and Coffee hut outside of Paley Library. Best in town.

2. Take the Owl Loop or TUr Door shuttle service.

If you’re working at the Tech Center or just kickin it on campus and you find that the sun has set and the temperature has dropped a ton, don’t you sweat. (Haha. You won’t be sweating!) Do yourself and your wicked cold bones a favor and skip the walk home. Take our shuttles instead! Both run dusk to dawn from right outside of the Tech Center. One goes on a designated loop to all residence halls – the other works by giving the driver your specific address within a reasonable range off campus. Regardless, you’ll get to skip the cold walk home and instead get curb side drop off from yours truly, Temple. Do it people! You’ll thank me later.

3. Wear a HAT!!! (Temple gear, that is.)

I can’t believe this is making my top three list but it just has to. In case you were unaware, your body heat can escape easily from your head. Covering that baby up helps to maintain a regular body temperature and keeps you warm. I see so many people who get the hat memo on campus which is the bomb. On campus a hat is going to be essential to keeping warm. We love hats at Temple. If you don’t believe me, just check out our bookstore and observe just how many options we have for hats. Just do yourself a favor. Root on your owls and get a spirited hat to keep your body heat in! It works. And it’s cool. Just listen to me on this one.

That’s not hard, right? So yes. Wearing a good coat is a must. But these three additions will help you to keep warm during the busy and rewarding tail end of the semester. Are you lovers of winter or another season? Let me know!

Until next time, STAY WARM YALL.

Xoxo Paige