Month: December 2014

5 Weird Things I’ll Miss Like Crazy

I have a few crazy things to address right now –

1. Finals came and went already. Where did that time even go?! Don’t ask me. I spent more than one night not sleeping, working way, WAY hard on assignments. I don’t recommend too many all nighters, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do, right? That was my schedule for the last two weeks of school – work hard during the day, work even harder at night. It really paid off, though! I had an extremely successful semester thanks to my classmates, my friends, and my coworkers. Finals week definitely kicked my butt, but in the best way possible.

2. Campus is so nice on the break! This is my first time ever staying here after classes have officially ended. On the 17th, I moved out of Elmira Jeffries for the final time. That residence hall is the place I called home for 3 consecutive semesters, along with my roommate, Tess. She’s going to London as well – as a result, we both moved out completely at the end of finals week. I don’t think it really hit us hard until we were left standing in the middle of our empty living room, getting ready to turn off the lights and lock up for the final time. For me, the experience sort of overwhelmed me. I wasn’t just saying goodbye to my apartment, I was leaving behind my junior year on main campus. That includes my friends, my job, and everything I know to be “normal”. When we shut the door and shouted a last goodbye to our friendly ghost roommate (that’s another story entirely – we just call her Elmira though) I was suddenly totally aware that this is real, and happening, and coming so soon. I am closing out a chapter of my life and starting a new one, and that is just insane to me. Thank you to all my pals – you make goodbyes so bittersweet, and that makes me happy, because I know I have wonderful people in my life too say “see you later”  to. You make it all worth it, buds!

IMG_7872 IMG_7742 IMG_5664 IMG_5425 IMG_4674

2. According to my countdown app, I’m looking at only 15 sleeps left until London, England!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT EVEN!!!!!!! I can’t wait, but I have noticed in the last few weeks, as everyone else left campus and left me here to work, I’ve spent more time thinking about the little things that I’m going to miss a million times over.

So for your reading pleasure, the 5 Weird Things I’ll Miss Like Crazy:

5. Those Water Bottle Filling Stations All Around Campus:


I wasn’t kidding about this list being weird. I LOVE THIS LITTLE GADGET. They’re all over campus because we have a huge push for sustainability at Temple – and these are just one way we reduce carbon emissions (by eliminating waste created by plastic bottles that can be tossed out after 1 use). All I know is, they sure are convenient. Obsessed with them, honestly. Goodbye, water bottle fillers.

2. Roaming Data aka 3G

This is a lame one, but I’m definitely going to miss the internet access on my phone. REALLY lame. I know. In all reality, I know I won’t actually miss this at all! Because I’ll be way way busy living a rad life abroad. But, it will definitely be an adjustment. Although I know its absolutely for the better, I will miss bothering Siri on a regular basis without wifi. 😉

3. The Owl Loop

If you’re unaware, the Owl Loop is a shuttle that runs on campus after dark, and leaves from the Tech Center. Like I said, I’ve been the queen of all nighters lately. Basically, the Owl Loop has saved me from SO many cold walks home to EJ. Living in the city means I am used to walking, and commuting, and taking the train. So the luxury of just being able to sit down and let someone else get me home for a change is literally game changing. LOVE it. I’ll miss it quite a bit, but at least I’ll be able to explore London on foot.

2. Having a Job

If you know me, you’ll know I love routine and familiarity almost as much as I simultaneously love adventures. Having a regular schedule, the same work shifts each week, and familiar faces in the office are major factors to my daily happiness. I’m going to miss that, so so much. The good news is, I’m taking classes and interning while I’m abroad – which means, in some respects, I’ll eventually have a routine just like home. So it’ll all work out! But nothing will replace my owls. I’ll miss you all!!



WHY YES, I DID SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST, THANK YOU. Listen up. Bagel Hut is my place. I eat there too much. Way too much. Anyone that knows me knows my infinite, undying love for “B-Hut”. I joked a few times that the first place I’ll have my parents bring me when I land in May is Bagel Hut, but I really don’t think I’m kidding. That’s how much this place means to me in my heart and soul. Oh Bagel Hut. I’ll be back for a toasted dark Sesame with cream cheese really, really soon.