Month: March 2015

What Even IS My Life?!

Hello Friends! As I type this, I am taking a moment’s break from my work at my internship in London – something I haven’t yet mentioned but one of the coolest opportunities I have here.

My placement is with a music venue, which hosts club nights and live shows in all genres, ranging from very popular soul/jazz/funk shows all the way to Bhangra nights (I’m not sure what it is either, no worries.) My role is media marketing, social media coordination, and PR work for an album that was just released! Finally, I’m stepping into the world of music PR like I have always wanted to. It’s been one of the coolest, most useful experineces I’ve had being abroad so far, so I wanted to mention it! 🙂

After work today, I’ll hopefully go get some delicious ice cream with my roommate Tess, and then tonight at 11:30pm I’m hopping on a LONG bus with my boyfriend up to the North of England – to Newcastle! I will finally get to see the English countryside properly, and maybe….just MAAAYBE, we’re going to check out Alnwick Castle — AKA THE INSPIRATION FOR HOGWARTS:


I’m geekin’ out, ya’ll.

So basically I get to travel…again. I’ve been so blessed with the trips I’ve taken while I’ve been here. The cool thing about Europe is that nearly everything is connected by a train or bus, and flights are short even if you do have to take to the sky. It makes it easy and quick to get away from London (a transportation hub, of course) and to see some really amazing places. Wondering where I’ve been?

I could rant for hours about each and every place and all the food, sights, smells, sounds and good times I’ve had, so I think I’ll just pick ONE picture from each place to show you how I best remember each city.

Let’s take a little Eurotrip, yeah?

Brussels, Belgium:


Cardiff, Wales:


Lisbon, Portugal:


Belém, Portugal:


Amsterdam, Netherlands:


As the program carries on, I will be seeing Paris, Normandy, hopefully Ireland, Germany, maybe Poland, and I’m ending my trip with a beautiful, beautiful journey down the Italian coast with my best friend. What a beautiful world out there. If you ever get the chance to study abroad – please take it from me. IT IS WORTH IT. It is worth every long application, every penny saved, every hour spent sleeping on a bus. Do it. Follow the dream – it’s possible!

I’m scheduling some posts to be added automatically to this blog every other day. It will include a lot of food, some crazy stories, and more. Look out for them!