Month: September 2015

Senior Year Blues: How to Combat Them

It’s September! I am beyond excited about the seasons changing, the chai tea intake increase, and the sweaters. Oh, the sweaters.

In fact, I’ve been so excited for the fall to arrive that I’ve been wishing away the summer days. I can’t count how many times I’ve said, “I wish it would just get cold already!” or “Can summer end yet? Is it October now or what?”

But in the process of this, I’ve been wishing away precious time of my senior year as well. In fact, my roommates and I figured it out today that we only have about 150 more school days left – OF COLLEGE. EVER. THATS IT.

This fact makes my whole world stop spinning momentarily – just like any change, the thought of college ending is just a big huge looming cloud of blues for me. How can I leave Temple? My best memories are here, my friends, my activities, my first big-girl apartment, my favorite bagel place in town (BAGEL HUT.)…  all of these things make up the best 4 years of my life. It’s hard to imagine that those days are coming to an end. And, it’s easy to get bogged down in the blues when you think of it like that. So if you are a fellow senior, be that high-school or college, here’s a quick fix list to cure that sadness and start making the most of your most exciting year yet.

1 – Change your perspective.

This one is simple, and the groundwork for the rest of my suggested steps. Quite simply, just don’t think of the eminent end of your time in school as a sad thing. It’s not sad! Everyone has to graduate sometime. College and high-school aren’t meant to be forever (unless you’re reaaaaallly rich….) and they’re meant to come to an end. It isn’t a bad thing to be graduating – in fact, it’s completely a positive. You’ve reached a major milestone – so try not to get too down on yourself. Life is good! You are successful! Your future is at your doorstep! If we start to see this concept in a positive light, instead of a negative one, our whole demeanor is going to change from stormy to sunny. And the rest of your life will benefit as well. Better attitudes are always better in general.

2 –  Make every day count. 

imgresSo you’re right. Time is ticking. You’ve only got so many days left in this routine you call life – so why mope?! Make the most of every single day. Literally. My best suggestion is to always set intentions for yourself. When you go to sleep, reflect on your day to come in the morning. Find at least ONE fully positive thing to look forward to the next day. It can be your lunch, an hour of Netflix you’ll get to watch, a visit with a friend, or a personal achievement you’re about to complete. Find something every night and the next day, cherish it. I do this and I swear by it. When I don’t practice this, I always notice my mood slipping. Give it a shot. And each day, do something meaningful. Make it count.

3 – Journal.


Sometimes I find that I get anxiety about change because I’m afraid of forgetting. I never want to let go of routines, because I always want to remember the positive things that come out of them every day. To combat this, keep a journal. Even if it’s just one or two lines every day, write down the positives and negatives of your day-to-day life as it is now. You’ll feel better in the process, and then you’ll have something tangible to look back on for memories sake. Plus, you’ll probably come to realize that every stage in life has it’s ups and downs – nothing is ever perfect, so change is always a good thing. Sometimes we just need some self-reflection to see that.

4 – Find excitement in your future. 


Whether you’re getting read to apply to your future college, heading to a whole new state for Grad school, or preparing to start your professional career as this year ends, you’re headed to a new adventure. GET EXCITED! You deserve to be proud of yourself and be happy about the next path you’re headed down. Dwelling in the moment will only mean you’re missing chances to be happy for yourself. Read travel guides for your new city, plan adventures for your final summer before college, or just pat yourself on the back for making it through whatever stage of life you’re getting ready to end. You did it – relish that.

5 – Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. 


Seriously. The age old saying, corny but true. Nothing that ever brought you joy once in your life should also bring you sadness. Only positivity should be harbored within you – it is good for your soul that way. Reflect on all of the great memories, personal growth, achievements, and new experiences you’ve gained through high school, college, or whatever phase of life you’re in. Appreciate every little piece of it. It has made you the person you are today. Be thankful for it, always. It will help you carry your amazing journey forward in life – and you’ll always get to look back and smile.

So there it is, folks. Don’t let the senior year blues get you down! See you on the flip side.

All the best,