3 Chilly Weather Tricks — Temple University Style

Holy moly my people, it’s November 2nd. I cannot believe it but it is so true. Today was the fall back version of Daylight Savings — aka I SLEPT LIKE A BABY! There is nothing more valuable in college than anything free. That includes a free hour to sleep. Trust me on that.

So yes, I slept the day away. And when I finally emerged from my humble apartment today, I noticed how bitter cold it felt already. For a moment I was sad because fall is almost gone. But then I remembered how much I LOVE the winter and I got pumped all over again!

Regardless, I realized that here on campus there are a few ways to really keep warm specific to our campus. If you’re like me warmth is all you need some times so I just wanted to drop by with 3 key tips to keeping warm at Temple. Trust me. YOU GOTTA KNOW.

1. Get coffee at a food hut or truck for your chilly commutes.

Sure you could grab some joe from Starbucks or Saxbys, but let it be known — the cheapest coffee on campus (and arguably most bold and delicious) is at the food huts. Why are they so good at the grinds game? I don’t know. But don’t question it. Carry a few dollar bills on you in cash all the time so you can grab a coffee on campus. Not only will your wallet be happy, the coffee will warm your insides as well as your chilly hands! Owl Recommendation: Pretzel and Coffee hut outside of Paley Library. Best in town.

2. Take the Owl Loop or TUr Door shuttle service.

If you’re working at the Tech Center or just kickin it on campus and you find that the sun has set and the temperature has dropped a ton, don’t you sweat. (Haha. You won’t be sweating!) Do yourself and your wicked cold bones a favor and skip the walk home. Take our shuttles instead! Both run dusk to dawn from right outside of the Tech Center. One goes on a designated loop to all residence halls – the other works by giving the driver your specific address within a reasonable range off campus. Regardless, you’ll get to skip the cold walk home and instead get curb side drop off from yours truly, Temple. Do it people! You’ll thank me later.

3. Wear a HAT!!! (Temple gear, that is.)

I can’t believe this is making my top three list but it just has to. In case you were unaware, your body heat can escape easily from your head. Covering that baby up helps to maintain a regular body temperature and keeps you warm. I see so many people who get the hat memo on campus which is the bomb. On campus a hat is going to be essential to keeping warm. We love hats at Temple. If you don’t believe me, just check out our bookstore and observe just how many options we have for hats. Just do yourself a favor. Root on your owls and get a spirited hat to keep your body heat in! It works. And it’s cool. Just listen to me on this one.

That’s not hard, right? So yes. Wearing a good coat is a must. But these three additions will help you to keep warm during the busy and rewarding tail end of the semester. Are you lovers of winter or another season? Let me know!

Until next time, STAY WARM YALL.

Xoxo Paige


Time flies and flies and flies

Sometimes, life goes by so quickly I barely notice it’s happening. This month hasn’t been any different!

Lately I’ve been so so busy with preparing for London so I DEF can’t complain. In the last month I’ve applied for tons of scholarship, finished my forms, selected my potential internship field, anddddd applying for my work visa!

Holy crap y’all. I’m really going to London.

Every form I compete means I’m one step closer and it’s blowing my mind. I can’t wait but I’m also so nervous. I’m going to miss TU SOOOOOO much. I guess you don’t notice how much you love something until it’s gone, right? I can already tell that’s the case with me and campus. I’ll miss Bagel Hut, and tour, my bed in my apartment, the windy days out on Broad St, Zumba class, my friends, even the long stairways of Anderson Hall. I’ll miss it all.

But each day will be a new opportunity In a new city. And that is worth every sacrifice I’m making to take this chance. I can’t wait!!!

I can’t wait to blog about this weekend coming up! Lots of fun to be had. Can’t wait to talk to y’all soon!!!

7 Real Owls that Perfectly Describe a Temple Open House

Attention, attention, attention – it is that time once again.


That’s right folks. The fall can only mean one thing around our office, and that is preparation and excitement for some of the most exhausting but rewarding days as a tour guide.

Sunday was our first Open House of the year! I live for the hustle and bustle of our big admissions events. They are well worth all of the energy and time that gets put into them every year. I could recap it play-by-play, but I think I’d rather highlight some of the little, albeit cool/fun things that happen as a result of our admissions days. You might be surprised by some of them!

But Paige, you may ask, what’s so crazy about open houses?!

I would tell you myself, but I think my owl friends can do an even better job than me. Here is a list of some of the craziest and coolest parts of our large visit days, as told by those cute little animals we call our mascot.

1. The Owl Office is jam-packed with Tastycakes for at least two days before the event. 


If you haven’t attended an Open House, you should know that Tastycakes and soft pretzels are a staple – we offer them to our visitors to provide a real “Taste of Philly” personally, one of my favorite Open House touches. This means our owl office is full to the brim with these delicious treats as we await the big day. We don’t break into them early, but just being surrounded by such a huge amount of sheer sugar is the perfect way to gear up.

2. Open House Days mean very, VERY early mornings.

Although the 6 AM alarm is one of the hardest parts of the day, once we’re all away and coffee is coursing through our veins, we are fired up to meet and greet all of the potential families and students who are headed to campus. The biggest shout out to our AM crew who is up even earlier than the rest of us! Getting up early means the Owls are radical at consuming coffee, as well. Are you shocked? We aren’t.

3. Open House helps us perfect the speed walk. 


With so much going on throughout the day, not only in the Liacouras Center (where our day starts) but also ALL over campus, we’ve all gotten very good at getting places quickly without breaking a sweat. Sneakers are obviously a must. The Owl Ambassadors can thank Open House for the pep that is always in our step!

4. Open House Days just keep getting bigger and bigger!


On Sunday, we had 4,700 visitors checking out campus – our largest yet! I don’t want to speak for everyone else, but I know this fact warms my Temple-loving heart so much. I wish EVERY prospective college student checked out Temple at least once – so to know that so many students and families attended our event makes me the happiest.

5. SOOOO many important questions are answered! 


Yes really! One of the coolest things about Open House as compared to our other regular tours is that they are essentially a one-stop-shop to learn about literally any aspect of Temple University you can imagine. Whether you already have a working knowledge of Temple and only have a few questions or interests, or you’ve got something to ask at every information table you see – if you have visited us before, or you’ve never stepped foot on campus – Open House is such a valuable day for you. For anyone, really! I even love when I get to greet Alumni of Temple who learn something brand new they didn’t know before. Open House is an awesome way to access tons of people with all the Temple answers you need, and do it all in one day.

6. All of us look forward to big event days – they are a hoot!


It doesn’t feel like work when it’s something you love, and all of the Owl Ambassadors, admissions staff and volunteers have one thing in common – we just really, really love Temple. We wouldn’t do what we do if we didn’t. So this makes Open House days, and other admissions events, some of the most rewarding and fun days of our year. Yes, our feet are sore and we all nap as soon as we get home. But it’s all worth it to meet and help prospective students get to know Temple just a little bit more.

7. Can’t stop, won’t stop – we aren’t done yet!

Dancing-Animals-5Sunday is over, and my feet are recovering, but we aren’t wrapped just yet – we’ve got another Open House lined up for the fall on November 8th. If you are interested in seeing some of these things come to life, or you’d just like to see what all the owl hype is really about, register for the next Open House by clicking here.  It’s worth a visit – and how can you say no to all of these adorable little pals?!

Hats off to everyone who was a part of the success that came yesterday from our first Open House of the school year, and I can’t wait to do it again!

[gifs and images courtesy of giphy.com]

Across the Pond in 103 days(ish) – I’m going to London!

Well hello again blogosphere! I cannot believe I’m about to say this, but it is the 5th week of classes.

PEOPLE. THE 5TH WEEK OF CLASSES!!!!! Where has the time gone? This means there are only 9 weeks of class left before the end of my first semester as a junior. I won’t get hung up and sentimental, but I will say this: time flies when you’re having fun. It feels like I just moved back into my residence hall, but its already been over a month! I’m basically in shock as you can probably tell.

Of course, I am excited for this semester to be in full swing. But I’ve also got another major topic on my mind that is looming in my near future. It’s one I am infinitely excited to announce, even though it still doesn’t feel real.

As of last week, I am officially accepted and attending the School of Media and Communication’s London semester program – I will be living, learning and interning in London during the Spring 2015 semester! 

(image credit)

So this blog is about to get that much more interesting – posts from London will be plentiful!

I cannot wait to get to experience this brand new culture and country. I owe the biggest thanks to my family for supporting my big, lofty dream and making it a reality. I’m about to be an Owl Abroad! 🙂

In other recent news, my good blogger pal, co worker and lovely friend Chelsea just recently wrote an awesome post about our office outing to Restaurant Week! If you aren’t familiar, Philadelphia restaurants offer fixed prices for three and four course meals that would otherwise cost something my student budget can’t quite handle. We had SO much fun. Read Chelsea’s post to hear about our adventure in detail, but check below for some pictures that I snapped of our ‘Owl-ting’.







Have a fabulous week! xoxo


The Long Road to Happy

Holy. Moly. 

Looking at the calendar, I can’t believe that summer has come and gone once again! Sunday means moving back in to school, Monday marks the start of my junior year (STOP. PAUSE. JUNIOR YEAR PEOPLE. JUNIOR. WHERE DID THE TIME GO) and a whole new semester of work, school, and fun. 

Am I sad that summer has come to a close? Most definitely. Am I ready to go home to Temple? Emphatically yes. 

Looking back on this summer break, I have to admit that there were moments when I felt like I was in over my head. I went home with the intentions of working full time, and I had a very tricky time landing employment. I wanted to focus more of meditation and yoga, but I kept finding myself putting it off for something else. I had a whole list of tasks I was hoping to accomplish in my free time, and I often forgot to even glance at it. What I really mean is, I had an idea of what I thought this summer needed to look like – and I was anxious when it didn’t seem to take the shape I thought it would. 

But you know what?

I’m so glad it didn’t. 

A few months ago I wrote a post about how college is the best time to do something else with your time. I finally took my own advice on that – and I started a small business!

I am so, so, so proud of this venture. My partner, Kelsey, a great friend of mine from high school stood side by side with me as we realized a dream of ours – designing and selling our own headbands. The Spark Keeper, our new accessory brand, debuted this summer and is sold online, and in two boutiques in our hometown. 

Was it time consuming and a bit tricky? Yes. Am I glad I did it? YES! I would never have had the confidence to do this on my own if it weren’t for the skills I’ve learned about branding, PR, marketing, and presenting a product to the public via my coursework. And I never would have found the time to follow this dream if it hadn’t been for the roadblocks I hit along the way this summer, those same things I was anxious about when they first crossed my path. 

So this year, a sewing machine is the newest addition to my apartment! I can’t wait to see how this experience shapes the way I absorb information in my classes, and how it fits into my crazy wonderful schedule at school, but I cannot wait to find out. 

So Temple, this summer was amazing. It’s time to top it. BRING IT ON, FALL! We’re back!

Why I am Happy Today. [+Finals Week, Graduation, and Summer Trips]

Finals week was long, strenuous, and packed with activity. I have never been so on the go in my whole life. With the process of moving out and back home to York for the summer, cleaning my current apartment, saying good bye to all of my friends, working some final shifts, and of course finishing my classes, I really lost track of time! So sorry for the late post. This semester absolutely flew by, and I can now proudly say I am a JUNIOR. Where in the absolute world has the time gone?

Now that it is summer, however, I am taking time to reflect on all that Temple has given me.

Without Temple, I’m not quite sure where I would be.

And I mean that very literally. One decision really did create a whole ripple effect of life events. Had I not picked Temple, I would not have the network I have collected, the friends I have made, or I might not even be finished school right about now. It’s amazing to think about the web of connections that life decisions create.

For example, I am happy today because I am so fortunate to live close to my best friends from school, even while we are at home. This weekend I drove about 2 hours north of York to Montoursville, because one of my very best soul sisters, Becca, was dancing in a recital for the first time in three years. After seeing her dedication to driving back for practices, and all the time she put into this, I could NOT miss it.


It was phenomenal, and she did SO well. I could hardly believe how gracefully she danced, especially considering all the times we have tripped each other up, or fallen, or jumped on each others backs and broken a wrist. (I wish I was joking about the last one…ooooops).

I also got to see Emily and Steph, and we hung out, did a Dairy Queen run, got to catch up on the whole week we were away from each other, and just generally enjoy each other’s company. I couldn’t get over how happy I was just to be able to so easily jump in the car and two hours later, be with my best pals.

And that’s why I am happy today. Because without Temple, I wouldn’t have the three of them, my aboslutely fab room mate Tess, or any of my other friends at all. And beyond the learning, and the networking, and the real world skills, I am also getting to meet my friends for the rest of my life.

And for that I am so thankful.


As a side note, I just want to say a HUGE CONGRATS to the graduating class of 2014! My biggest personal congrats goes out to my absolutely FLAWLESS mentor, Tirzah. She taught me everything I know, and I would not be the Owl Ambassador, Temple student, or person I am today without her. Tirzah, you are going to do such great things from here. I love you!

This summer is about to gear up, so strap in! It’s gonna be a great ride.


Little Victories. [life in pictures]


Owl Ambassador Gemma is quite an artist. [Saturday Preview Day!]


Honeygrow is too delicious for words and all organic. This is maple yogurt, bananas, blackberries, apples, grapes, honey granola, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips, and organic wildflower honey. It literally cannot be beat. On 16th Street between Sansom and Chestnut. They have made to order stir fry also! I’m just a crazy fangirl for the honeybar.


Our pal Emily (in the back, note the hat) turned 20. We went out to the city for a classy little birthday dinner and then we had cake. I love them, I loved dinner.


The final ETD of the year – J & H Crew!!! (Minus a few). Tirzah is graduating – my mentor and very great friend. I’ll miss her, but I couldn’t be happier that this job brought me into her life. Yay Tirzah!


Couldn’t resist the classic sunset on Polett Walk. Look at the beauty here, people!


City Hall at night after two mile run


This one just makes me smile. My best pal Becca being weird and cool all at the same time.


My friend Kellie turned 23 this week, so I baked her a three layer, gluten dairy egg free cake. It came out shockingly good, but it was mostly just exciting getting to experiment on such a large scale. I’m starting to feel even more at home in the kitchen.

What was your week like friends? 🙂